Base Wizard – Portable ‘Split’ HSQL Database Template

Download: Split_HSQLDB_Wizard_v3c.odb …includes HSQLDB 2.3.0.


This Base template (.odb) generates a split database as necessary for data-reliability and other considerations. The template combines various presets, macro-automation, and the popular HSQL database engine into one of the most powerful and flexible, cross-platform, database options available for the desktop today.

A split-database involves multiple files, but the template maintains everything in a dedicated folder for portability and backup purposes. This folder may be moved, renamed, or zipped for database distribution. This template is configured for single-user access, suitable for non-concurrent internet access, but the database may be run in server mode for concurrent read/write access through Base or other front-ends on a LAN or web-server.


    1. Ensure global macro security in *Office is set to Medium (or Low): Tools (*Office) > Options (Preferences) > *Office > Security > Macro Security > Medium.
    2. Remove any global Class Path to hsqldb.jar that you may have setup manually in *Office: Tools (*Office) > Options (Preferences) > *Office > Java/Advanced > Class Path > Remove
    3. Create a new folder on your computer to serve as a dedicated split-database folder (one per database)
    4. Download the above template and place this (.odb) file in the empty folder.
    5. Then click to open the template in Base while selecting Enable Macros.

The integral macro-wizard runs automatically. It adds a copy of the HSQLDB engine to the split-database folder and configures the template for new/existing database access, as applicable. The macro then runs quietly for a split-second each time you open the .odb in support of database portability. The database location (file path) is derived and saved as a setting within the Base .odb file, so you can safely disable the macro if you never plan to move or rename your split-database files or folder. You can rename the .odb file in any case. The template is a standard Base (.odb) front-end file used for storing your Queries, Forms, Reports and Macros. Consider moving the entire split-database folder into a cloud folder (such as Dropbox, Google Drive or SpiderOak) to gain automated session backup with file-history and personal encryption, as well as, non-concurrent internet access to the database. You can also zip-archive the folder for electronic distribution purposes as a single-file. This macro-driven Base (.odb) file must be opened within the dedicated split-database folder to provide these features — although you can subsequently disable the macro and move the .odb file independent of a fixed database location. You can register this .odb file in *Office as a ‘data source’ (Tools > Options > Base > Databases) for seamless access (F4) from any Writer or Calc document including standalone forms. You can also maintain a desktop shortcut to this file and/or folder as desired.

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